MEET THE BUILDERS: We take the time to meet with you at your desired location to discuss all ideas and possibilities. Open communication is KEY in any project, and especially building your home.

ARCHITECTURAL PLANS: We would be more than happy to assist you with an architect who can design your house, and provide any useful suggestions if you so desire. Once your plans are complete, we begin the next phase which is the


BID PROCESS: We take your set of plans, review any questions you may have, and meet with our sub-contractors to establish their perspective bids. All bids by contractors are reviewed with the homeowner so there are not any surprises in the end!!!

CONSTRUCTION BEGINS: Upon your lender approval, we begin the construction phase. We will break down all areas of construction, and the time at which different inspections will be taking place. Homeowners are constantly aware of where their project is at, along with what money transactions have taken place.

INTERIOR DESIGN: Need help in interior colors, flooring and decorative tips? Covenant can set up you up with our interior designer to match your specific demands.

OUTSIDE ENTERTAINMENT: Outside entertainment areas such as outdoor fire places, grills, pits, arbors, decks are to some just as important as the rest of the house. Please keep in mind, this is a feature(s) that can be added in most cases after the new home construction is complete.

REMODEL: Perhaps you want to keep your current residence, but want to update the interior! Not a problem!! Kitchens, baths, garage modifications, additions can be quite the change one is looking for without the expense and trouble of moving.